Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decimal point mode improved

Thanks lot for your comment. 
Japanese Yen have not 1/100 currency, then I cannot recognize this behavior.
I improve it on Ver4.10 then please try it and post some comment if you have still some trouble.

-- User Request:
I would like to suggest something for the Iphone Roll Paper Pro.
When the user chooses e.g. 2 decimal points, I believe it would be nice to view all number even the ones with no decimal points with 2 decimal digits. For example , when entering the number 65, it is being shown in the appl. (after being entered) as 65. I believe it should look as 65.00 .
also the 65.1 it should look as 65.10 and not 65.1


  1. Hi,
    I wish that it was possible to change a value in the paper roll.
    Let's say I write:
    now, I move and change value 2 to 4,
    On the paper I see a new result, 8


  2. Hi. Why can't we put decimal number in VAT. In France we have 2 VAT with decimal number : 5,5% and 19,6%. 
    Where is your mail adress ?
    Hope you will read this message and make a new update for this. 
    Best regard.

  3. Please Push left side of "7" key. Then you can see the setup page. The setup page can change VAT and mail address.


  4. Hi, thanks for your answer but you didn't understand me. When I put a decimal number in VAT option i.e 19.6, your APP convert it in integer number i.e 19.
    Could you do something for this issue ?
    Best regard.