Sunday, January 23, 2011

Decimal point mode improved

Thanks lot for your comment. 
Japanese Yen have not 1/100 currency, then I cannot recognize this behavior.
I improve it on Ver4.10 then please try it and post some comment if you have still some trouble.

-- User Request:
I would like to suggest something for the Iphone Roll Paper Pro.
When the user chooses e.g. 2 decimal points, I believe it would be nice to view all number even the ones with no decimal points with 2 decimal digits. For example , when entering the number 65, it is being shown in the appl. (after being entered) as 65. I believe it should look as 65.00 .
also the 65.1 it should look as 65.10 and not 65.1

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Usage of Roll Paper Calculator Pro Evolution

or user's request, I upload the usage.

User's Voice:
Thank you your voice to calculator more bette

>The precentage key does not work.
- Normal calculator % usage is: A x B % ... result: AxB/100
- This calculator % usage is: A x B % = .... result: AxB/100
Why different, this calculator memory all your input and calculated result, then
A x B % + C .... on your paper , A , AxB% AxB%+c
if this calculator work same with normal, this paper memory cannot all calculation result.
if I have some misunderstanding, please re-comment again.

>Is it possible to add memory buttons?
See usage "Touch to re-input" in below image ( on the 4th row)
This calculator memory all input and calculation result.
if you touch any line , touched line's number can re- input current line.(replaced M/ MR)
and Jump to = by arrow key, and touch + operation replaced M+
Then this calculator need not memory / MR / M+ button.
Please retry this operation, and if any comment please again.