Saturday, September 11, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.5 on Sale !!

I'm sorry to late release Roll Paper Calculator ver2.5 cause of Apple review.

Roll paper Calculator Ver2.5 has functionality to persist data.

So, it has function of time recording on paper, and more useful interface of arrow button, it will have up mode and down mode, for the quick movement on the paper it has more lot data.

Arrow key , when it is up mode,  it moves top of data in long touch, and it is down mode, it moves bottom of paper in long touch.

I planed this function for Ver3.0, but  for  customer satisfaction, I think I must provide this function more quickly.

And if you are not Roll Paper Calc user, when you would try it, you would have future calculator and will have experience of another world!!

For late release Ver2.5, Roll Paper Calculator Ver3.0, the Pro version, perhaps release 2week after.
Sorry for my all customer.


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