Monday, September 6, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator Ver3.0, Pro version, Coming Soon.

Roll Paper Calculator , Ver3.0 would be  born again as  "E-mail Calculator".

Roll Paper Calculator Ver1.1 bring paper to the calculator again, with refreshment.
Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.0 has REVOLUTIONARY function, changing traditional "M+" to "THE PAPER".
Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.5 persist "THE PAPER" so, has function of "TIME STAMP" and "TIME WORP by ARROW KEY"
Roll Paper Calculator Ver3.0 (the Pro Version) has the TOO REVOLUTIONARY FUNCTION, to CHANGE YOUR LIFE STILE by E-mail "THE PAPER " FOR EVERY ONE.

YOU CAN SEND the result of calculation, WHENEVER you are IN SHOPPING, IN the JOB etc.

You calculate something when you want, after to send your computer, you never worry forget it.

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