Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator Lite on Sale

Note)This App include iAd, then use only on OS4.

Roll Paper Calculator Lite is the limited function version for every one for free.

Roll Paper Calculator Lite is limited, roll paper row is limited , and no paper memory input. but the functionality is almost same at Ver1.1, first version of Roll Paper Calculator. AND it has iAD.

Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.5 has functions  of  input from the paper, warp movement of the paper, persistence of the paper data. and next version of Roll Paper Calculator (the PRO version)  change itself to THE E-MAIL CALCULATOR.

if you would like Lite version, please try the paid version too.



  1. This could be a great app but please find someone that can translate your description into English. Your translation is VERY hard to understand. It is okay that English may not be your first language but find someone to help you make this a truly great App.

  2. Thank you for your advice. I try to find some one. thank you.