Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator user review

Mgr - ★★
by John Hunt - Version 2.0 - 30 August 2010
App would be great but can't save your tape.

Thank you for your first impression.
Ver2.5 has function of record the paper.
I want to add more function for the customer needs.

Best Regards.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.5 (to be update)

Roll Paper Calculator to be update next week , ver2.5.

Ver2.5 has functionality for time code recording,  data recording for perpetuation.

And so, more useful interface of arrow button, it will have up mode and down mode.
when it is up mode,  it moves top of data in long touch, and it is down mode, it moves bottom of paper in long touch.

I planed this function for Ver3.0, but  for  customer satisfaction, I think I must provide this function more quickly.

And if you are not Roll Paper Calc. user, when you would try it, you would have future calculator and will have experience of another world!!

movie of operation

Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.0 Now On Sale!!

Roll Paper Calculator Ver2.0 is added the function to use the data on the paper that inputed and calculated on the past.

So  for moving first on the paper, the calculator is added the button of arrow, and only to touch the data,  you can use the data on paper ,

When you want to move up on the paper, you only push the arrow button, and  you want to move down,  you need to push the arrow button for 0.5 second.

There is C/AC button instead of botton AC and C,.
When you wan AllClear, you need to push C/AC button  for 0.5 second.

And divide display and internal calculation, then display "," sign each hundred.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roll Paper Calculator Ver1.1

_Roll Paper Calculator is the calculator that has function for remaining input data and the results of calculation on the paper, therefore you confirm the process of calculation and all input data for result.

Application name describes as "makiden" on the iPhone desktop,  its japanese, mean , "maki" is "roll",  paper is abbreviated, "den" is "electronic". why "den", "dentaku" mean "electronic calculator" in Japanese.  Then does "taku" ean "calculator"? No, then Why "taku"? "taku" mean "table". "dentaku" mean "electronic (calculator: abbreviated) that can operate on the "table" ", perhaps. What ever or not,  when you visit Japan , you can use "dentaku" instead of "calculator", but all Japanese know the word ,"calculator" ....

usage: calculation for the account for many of goods on your shopping cart.
calculation that has many input summation, like home finance.
any calculation, very convenience for confirmation of the calculation result.  
There is no paper because of iphone,  but it shows input data and the result to display ike on the a paper , 

When you slide down the paper, if you can see the input data and results even if it goes out of screen.

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